Something like a practice of poses and texture use. I’m kiiinda conflicted about this one, i had absolutely no idea what to put in the background… welp. Here it is, washing my hands off this piece.

Some poses practice. I’m insanely pround of this oneee.

References - the Nu project. Don’t know what it is? SHAME! - GO AND APPRECIATE BODIES

A quick quickie of my fav grim bby - Levi! A lot of mistakes on the design bu whatevs xD Enjoy!

Ha, this fucking thing. Firstly - i watched Peter Pan for the first time ever, and Tinkerbell is SOOOO fucking bitchy i couldn’t even believe. The movie itself was kinda weird to be honest xD
Secondly - this fucking picture is a living nightmare to me. It has so many mistakes that i have no strenght to fix =.=
But drawing Tink was fun in general :3

I decided to do a little exercise with faces and facial features, and since these are my forever OC’s (I’ve been developing them for around 5 years now) i know them pretty good so they were a perfect object to practice on. I think they deserve a little description, so here goes:
First one - Heike, 21, a headhunter. Up to this point she had a pale complection, but i decided that olive-ish one suits her better. She also has a bit square jaw and quite wide neck to accent the fact that she’s masculine and has many male characteristics. Her hair lives it’s own life. And she’s got full lips and average nose and eyes, the least being based on squares. Oh, thick-ass eyebrows.
Amell, 16, time mage. She’s the youngest of my OC’s and she’s been through some hard shit in the past. I based her a bit on Asians, with small nose and lips, round face and silk-like black hair. Her eyes, on the other hand, are rather big and always look as she’s about to cry or drop dead. Very normal complexion, except the dark circles around her eyes.
Last one, Spark, 32, former courtesan, now a thief. She’s a hulf (half human half elf) so she ages slowly compared to humans, that’s why she looks like she’s younger than 32. Very pale complexion, long, gold hair, high cheekbones, poiny face and pointy ears are elven(or how the fuck should i call it), but not very small eyes and the fact that her hair is straight, pink and visible lips are human (elves from my world look freaky as hell, with basically no lips, veeery narrow eyes and curly hair).

So yeah, my OC’s. Next one will be males or bodies of the females. I’m taking a break for a few days coz I’m leaving for vacation. I might try to draw some landscapes there.

Keep in mind - this was only an excersise that took me about 30 minutes. There are bugs and mistakes, most of them I’m aware of, but feel free to point them out anyway.


Aaaand my second entry is done! I plan on doing the next two in some time, but i have to take a brake now.
I love how she turned out *-*
And she took only few hours, not like Ruby. I blame it on the fucking Crescent Rose.

My entry for the RWBY contest :3 You know what’s hard to draw? Scythes
You know what’s harder to draw? Fucking crescent rose.
Why? Because there is no fucking decent shot of her anyfuckingwhere.

It doesn’t hurt half that much when you’re hurting youself compared to when someone close does it.



I mean. I can’t draw hands.
or rather
i couldn’t.

until like 5 hours ago xD

Kinda different this time ‘round. With a help of my trusty friend i will start to draw random stuff until i’ll be at least kinda sorta not bad at it =.=

So it’s gonna be sketchy as fuck these days.